1. Home! Safari hat, just in case, check. Thank you Carla!


  2. #Repost #miami —- sunset


  3. #Miami


  4. @fash_revusa is at @sustainatopia #insideout great to meet you from @projectjust @project_just


  5. Look ma! Great pants :) I know where my clothing comes from @projectjust what about you ? Www.projectjust.com @shahdalshehail


  6. Home :)


  7. Good bye Gulu !


  8. #uganda #shopping #africa #fashion


  9. #sunset


  10. Merciful lovely #rain oh how I’ve missed you


  11. L’artiste with her very flattering portrait of me “veeeeeerrry”tall @tamchis


  12. The sausage tree.



  14. Check it out! A piece on the fellowship at GADC.


  15. The US government needs a new supply chain.